English Major with Secondary Education Licensure

Communication Arts/Literature for 5-12 Education Licensure Concentration Requirements (44 credits)


Students may combine an English Major with a Secondary Education Minor and graduate fully prepared for a career in teaching. 

This major allows students to pursue a career in teaching while expanding their knowledge of literature and writing, and developing their ability to think clearly, critically, and creatively. Through courses in linguistics, cultural studies, literature, and creative writing, majors on this track become aware of how students' backgrounds can shape their classroom experiences,  how and why English contains many variants, and how race, class, and gender may affect a student's use of English, way of reading, or willingness to speak in class. Our majors learn to create community and to use the power of narrative to excite students about learning.  

Our majors may supplement their study through Experiential Learning classes, the Creative Cloud Program (which brings creative writing and literature to underserved groups within our community), and internships. 

The goal of the secondary education licensure is to ensure that our students will foster understanding and appreciation of English in a new generation of learners. Through our small classes and individual conferences, we teach our majors to bring their future students into a positive and meaningful relationship with literature and writing.  

Majors  in our Department 

   Caleb Birklid '20  

  I chose to become an English major because I have always had a passion for reading and writing. Ever since I was a kid I would get lost in these incredible stories, and part of the drive to become an English major is to one day create amazing stories of my own. My minor in Secondary Ed was something that came very naturally, both of my parents are teachers so no one was surprised when I announced that it was something that I was looking at for a future career. Ultimately in this major and minorI hope to learn enough to create a classroom environment where students are able to feel comfortable expressing themselves and creating engaging works of literature in the process.

Molly Johnson '21


  I chose to be an English major with a Secondary Education minor because the combination gives me the opportunity to pursue a career teaching English Language Arts at the middle or high school level.  Being a future teacher excites me because it is a chance to build relationships with young people and show them the power and importance that their voice has in the world. A love for reading, writing, and most importantly learning is something I hope to share with my future students.  Every child has the right to an equitable education that will provide them with the means to grow and develop, and that is something that drives me every day.