Bottled Water Initiative

The Bottled Water Initiative Task Force was convened to examine the issue of plain drinking water in plastic bottles.  Comprised of representatives from the student body, facilities, culinary services, auxiliary services and the administration, this group began with a visioning process centered on the following question:

Envision a campus that has sustainably addressed the challenge of bottled water.  What do you see?  The consensus was that CSB should move forward with a ban. 
From here, the group identified 3 main areas that needed to be addressed in order to be successful; a policy must be drafted and vetted, water availability and alternative options to plain, bottled water must be identified, and an education, awareness and communication plan should be developed and implemented.   Challenge areas for implementing a policy to ban bottled water were identified and solutions developed.   (Click here for more information on challenge areas).

The College of Saint Benedict Bottled Water Policy was endorsed by the CSB Cabinet on February 1, 2011, the Sustainability Council on February 4, 2011, and the Student Senate, on February 9, 2011.  The policy went into effect in August 2011.  Learn more about the initiative.

Separate from this process, students organized a petition to garner support for a ban on bottled water. See the Bottled Water Policy link on the right.

Want to learn more about the CSB tap water source and CSB water quality? Read the reports our Facility Department send to the state: H2O 2008, H2O 2009, H2O 2010, H2O 2011.