Alternative Break Experiences (ABE)


Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, we are sad to announce the suspension of our ABE program for the 2020-2021 academic year. In order to ensure the health and safety of our students, and the populations we are privileged to partner with, we will not be sending out any groups this year. However, CSB Campus Ministry remains committed to the spirit of ABE and the promotion of its 5 Pillars of Community, Social Justice, Intentional Living, Reflection, and Learning. We will continue incorporate these pillars in our programming this year, and into the future. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you!

What is ABE?

ABE is an ecumenical program offered through CSB Campus Ministry which provides meaningful, service-oriented trips around the US. We firmly believe that exposure to other cultures, places, and ways of life will enhance the lives and perspectives of trip participants. We differ from mission trips in that our purpose is not to spread the Gospel, but rather to learn about the issues each community faces and attend to the needs of the community through service.  We strive to provide quality experiences that will complement academic experiences and inspire hearts.


"I was educated and transformed. I now live my life with the want to listen and help those who need a louder voice. "

-San Francisco Participant, 2019

"Being involved in ABE is the best decision I've made since coming here. ABE means being a part of
something bigger than yourself."

-New Orleans Co-Leader, 2017

 2019-2020 Theme

"I am what I am because of who we all are." - Leymah Gbowee


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