Alumnae Board President

Every time Jennifer Schweich Barta '92 steps on campus, it happens. She's overcome with an emotion she finds difficult to describe. It's the feeling of reaching back to a sacred space where values were defined and friendships cemented. It's a warmth born out of reconnecting.

As the new president of the alumnae board, Jennifer says her number one priority is to bring that experience - and that feeling of connection - to other alumnae. 

Jennifer graduated from Saint Ben's with a degree in chemistry before earning a chemical engineering degree from the University of Minnesota. She landed a position at General Mills as a product developer and chemical engineer. In 2009, she contacted the college to learn more about starting an employee-endowed scholarship with her coworkers at General Mills. Those interactions led to her service on the alumnae board and, later, to her bid for board president. 

Jennifer is the first to acknowledge that you don't have to serve on a board to feel connected. She encourages alums to find a way that feels right for them. "It could be something as simple as calling an old roommate, attending a happy hour or taking part in Bennie Day," she says. "And, if those experiences leave you wanting more, there are countless events and opportunities to choose from on our alumnae website ( We're always looking for mentors for our young grads. Or if you're already connected, bring along someone who isn't."

Jennifer believes these connections are more critical now than ever.

"We don't have another generation of Sisters to lean on like we've had in the last 100 years," she adds. "The torch has been passed. It's up to all of us to keep those connections strong."

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