Centennial Circle of Sisters Awards

The Circle of Sisters Award recognizes a group of two or more alumnae whose bond exemplifies the Bennie sisterhood. Together, they are stronger than they are apart, and their lives are grounded in community and Benedictine tradition. The group demonstrates wisdom in sharing their spirit, positive change for the common good, personal strength as a prerequisite for helping others, joy in giving back to those who have given to them, mentoring and empowering each other and the women in their lives, acknowledging their worth is no less or no greater than the worth of others.

Bennies of the Bahamas Circle

O'Phelan/Varley Circle

  • Anne Budroe Benda '78
  • Jane Regenscheid Erickson '78
  • Katie Barry Felicelli '78
  • Nancy Dunn McDermott '78
  • Cathy McKenzie O'Brien '78
  • Maria Hunt O'Phelan '78
  • Joan Rahlf '78
  • Marie Berendt Speltz '78
  • Molly McGlynn Varley '78