Amanda T.


I always knew that I would come to Saint Ben’s. Although I went through the entire college-seeking process and kept my options open, my heart was set. My oldest sister attended Saint Ben’s, which greatly benefited me in becoming familiar with the campus, but more importantly, in becoming familiar with the community.

I am thankful for the generous scholarships and financial aid opportunities offered at Saint Ben’s, and because of this, my education is made possible. Without such help, I wouldn’t be here. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about how incredibly lucky I am to attend an institution where the students—regardless of any circumstances or hardships the college faces—are wholeheartedly supported and cared for. The beauty of this campus directly resonates with the beauty of its supporters, and it’s these people who I aspire to be. I’m honored to be part of such a legendary community.

I am a senior English major and Secondary Education minor, currently fulfilling my student teaching experience at ROCORI Middle and High School in Cold Spring, MN. Throughout my time here, I was fortunate to maintain a work-study job in the Blazer Athletic Department for three and a half years. I studied abroad in Galway, Ireland during the fall of my junior year, an experience I will forever hold close to my heart. These two experiences, along with the numerous on-campus events, clubs, and organizations that Saint Ben’s offers, have overwhelming contributed to my love (and quite frankly, obsession) of the place I call home.

Now, in the midst of my senior year, I would give anything to begin again. I’ve been challenged and encouraged every day, and I’ve grown more confident as a result. Along the way, I’ve developed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. The privilege I have to attend this institution is not lost on me, and I’m confident I will never make a more worthy investment.

Amanda T. ’15 | Marshall, Minn.

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