Volunteer Spotlight

Sara Hillen Boevers '77
I have been fortunate to serve on the Alum Board for the past two years. My goal as a CSB volunteer is to stay connected with the Bennies I went to school with and the ones I have met in my professional and personal life over the last 32 years.  This past year, with the help of St. John's alumni and both CSB/SJU alum offices, I helped plan and organize our first CSB/SJU Alum Educator Conference.  I am currently working on our second Educator's Conference, which we hope to host in late July at CSB.  As a retired teacher, I am fortunate that my time spent volunteering for St. Ben's has blessed me with many new friends in education, and a reminder of how fortunate I am to be apart of the CSB/SJU community.

"Sara has been a joy to work with on various events and initiatives!  Her enthusiasm and passion for Saint Ben's inspires me to continue reaching out to our wonderful Bennie alum network!" ~  Jessie Sandoval, Director of CSB Alumnae Relations