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Rasanjalee Dissanayaka
Assistant Professor, 2014-
BS, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 2005
MS (computer science), Georgia State University, 2012
PhD (computer science), Georgia State University 2014
Office: PEngl 209, 320-363-2873
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Mike Heroux

Scientist-in-Residence, Computer Science 1998-
BA, Saint John's University, 1983
MS (mathematics), Colorado State University, 1986
PhD (mathematics), Colorado State University, 1989
Office: PEngl 205, 320-363-3394
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Noreen Herzfeld
Professor, 1982-
BA, Saint Olaf College, 1978
MS (computer science), Pennsylvania State University, 1981
MA (mathematics), Pennsylvania State University, 1982
MA (theology), Saint John's University, 1994
PhD (spirituality), The Graduate Theological Union, 2000
Office: PEngl 207, 320-363-2693
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J Andrew Holey
Professor, 1991-
BA, Luther College, 1976
MDiv, Yale University Divinity School, 1980
MS (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1990
PhD (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1991
Office: PEngl 203, 320-363-3085
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Jeremy Iverson

Assistant Professor 2016-
BA, (Computer Science) Saint John's University, 2010
MS, (Computer Science) University of Minnesota, 2013
PhD (Computer Science), University of Minnesota, 2016
Office: PEngl 213, 320-363-3083
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John Miller

Lab Coordinator, 1994-
BA, Saint John's University, 1972
BA, University of Minnesota - Mankato, 1977
MS (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1992
Office: PEngl 213, 320-363-3155
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Imad Rahal, department chairperson
Associate Professor, 2005-
BS, Lebanese American University, 2001
MS (computer science), North Dakota State University, 2003
PhD (computer science), North Dakota State University, 2005
Office: PEngl 211, 320-363-2837
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Jim Schnepf
Associate Professor, 1996-
BA, Saint John's University, 1975
MS (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1991
PhD (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1995
Office: PEngl 201, 320-363-3073

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Recently retired:
Lynn Ziegler
Professor  1990-2015
Professor Emeritus 2015 - 
BA, Saint Olaf College, 1971
PhD (mathematics), University of Michigan, 1977
MS (computer science), Ohio State University, 1981
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