Computing Facilities

The colleges maintain several Windows computer labs for general student use, but our department maintains several additional computing facilities specifically for our educational purposes. Most of our computers run Linux, the primary operating system used in most of our courses. Linux is a popular open source operating system.

College of Saint Benedict

On the CSB campus, the Clemens library computing lab contains three Linux computers and dozens of PCs available during the extensive hours that the library is open. The computer science department staffs this lab in the evenings with student TAs who provide assistance to any students who want help mastering the concepts in their computer science courses.

Saint John's University

The SJU campus houses our primary laboratory facilities, a row of four connected rooms on the ground floor of Peter Engel Science Center. These rooms are open for student use when they are not scheduled for a class during the school day and are exclusively reserved for student use during TA hours in the evenings.

Peter Engel 212, Linux laboratory

PENGL 212 is our main Linux laboratory, housing nineteen Linux workstations with dual monitors. The computers are clustered in groups of two or three to provide an environment inviting students to collaborate on their lab work.

This laboratory is used for all of the formal lab sessions that are part of the first three courses within the computer science major and also occasionally for other courses. During the day, it is often scheduled for CSCI 150, 160, 200, and 239 laboratories, but when it is not scheduled, the laboratory is open for students to use.

Peter Engel 218, Windows laboratory

PENGL 218 contains seventeen PCs running Microsoft Windows. Laboratory sessions for CSCI 130 and 140 are scheduled for this room. At other times, the laboratory is open for students to use.


Peter Engel 208 laboratory

PENGL 208 is used mainly as a drop-in center for daytime use, (when PEngl 212 is occupied by a laboratory or class), and is used as a general purpose open lab in the evenings. This lab has four Linux workstations, three Windows computers, and one Mac. All of the department's computers have hardware support for intensive 3-dimensional graphics, especially useful for our 3D graphics programming elective. PENGL 208 also contains some comfortable furniture to make it a more versatile space to study, use the computers, or socialize.

  MaPCoReS  robotics

Peter Engel 204, multipurpose room

PENGL 204 is a multipurpose room. We rotate special-purpose laboratory equipment into this room as needed. This room is regularly used for hands-on lab exercises for the Networks course when it is offered. Other recent uses of the space include: for designing, building, and programming robots using Lego robotics kits; for building the most recent version of our high performance parallel cluster; and for students to experiment with network security issues.

Several of our classes are taught in PENGL 238, a classroom equipped with a projection system and computer for the instructor and 16 Windows computers for students to practice concepts during class.