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FAQs for the Registrar's Office

What do I need to do to be able to participate in Commencement?
A Degree Application allows students the privilege to participate in May Commencement. Only those seniors whose current registration will bring them within 8 credits of completion of all degree requirements by March 1st may participate in Commencement.

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in Commencement?
If you are NOT eligible to participate in Commencement you will be contacted via email by March 1st. You can also confirm you are eligible during Grad Finale.

Who should complete a Degree Application?
Undergraduates who have completed 88 or more credits or two semesters before you intend to graduate.

How will I know if my application has been successfully submitted?
Once your Degree Application is received in the Registrar's Office the 2nd checkbox on your DegreeWorks audit will state Graduation Application Received. Please allow up to two weeks for DegreeWorks to be updated.

If I think something is incorrect after I submit my application, how do I get it changed?
Any changes to your Degree Application should be directed to the Registrar's Office:
CSB Students: email Denise Laudenbach SJU Students: email Anastasia Nathe

I think I'm eligible to apply but I am unsure about my Graduation plans. What should I do?
Submit a Degree Application ASAP and contact the Registrar's Office:
CSB Students: email Denise Laudenbach SJU Students: email Anastasia Nathe

What if I am studying abroad or want to graduate early?
You should submit a Degree Application two semesters before you intend to graduate. Degree Applications are completed online with your CSB/SJU email address.

I missed the deadline to apply; what should I do?
Email us with your plans regarding the date you plan to graduate. Please complete the Degree Application ASAP.
CSB Students: email Denise Laudenbach SJU Students: email Anastasia Nathe

My major or minor is not listed correctly; what should I do?
Once your Degree Application is received in the Registrar's Office, your majors and minors will be updated to reflect what is on your permanent record.

What if I no longer plan to finish a 2nd major or a minor?
Email us regarding the information on the major/minor you will not be finishing and we will update your Degree Application.
CSB Students: email Denise Laudenbach SJU Students: email Anastasia Nathe

How do I change how my name will appear on my diploma and in the Commencement Booklet?
Your legal name will be printed on your diploma. If you would prefer, we can use your middle initial only instead of spelling out your middle name. If you have had a name change, please bring the original documentation of the change to the Registrar's Office so our records can be updated.

How do I make sure my name is pronounced correctly at Commencement?
During Commencement Rehearsal the Vice Provost/Academic Dean will confirm that he is pronouncing your name correctly.

When is rehearsal for Commencement?
CSB Rehearsal is at 3pm on Friday, May 16th
SJU Rehearsal is at 12:30 on Monday, May 12th

What do I do if I cannot attend rehearsal?
Rehearsal is mandatory. If you have extenuating circumstances please email Anastasia Nathe.

When will my degree be posted?
Degrees are awarded once final grades have been posted and all degree requirements have been verified. The Degree Awarded date on an official transcript may take 3-4 weeks to post after the term has ended. Your degree will appear on your transcript in Banner web once awarded.

What address will my diploma be mailed to?
Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address that is on file. You will have a chance to review this address at Grad Finale. If you have any changes after that date please email Anastasia Nathe. Remember, it takes four to six weeks to receive your diploma once your degree has been awarded.

Why is my diploma on hold?
Diplomas will not be released to graduates until all college bills have been paid or until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Student Accounts Office. If you have questions about this please contact CSB or SJU Student Accounts.

Future Dates

Commencement 2013
CSB: May 11, 2013
SJU: May 12, 2013

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