Commencement Eligibility

  • A Degree Application allows students the privilege to participate in the May Commencement.  Only those seniors whose current registration will bring them within 8 credits of completion of all degree requirements by March 1st may participate in commencement exercises.
  • All students who have submitted a Degree Application will receive an audit in their Campus PO Box by March 1st. If a student is NOT eligible to participate in Commencement it will be listed clearly on that audit.  Also, any student who is NOT eligible will be contacted via email.
  • Those students who are not eligible for the upcoming commencement exercises will be invited to participate the following May if:
  1. the student graduates in August
  2. the student graduates in  December
  3. the student meets the minimum eligablity requirements at that time

If you do not receive an audit by March 1st, please contact the Registrar's Office.
              CSB Students: email Denise Laudenbach SJU Students: email Anastasia Nathe