Bystander Intervention Program Request

Name of person requesting training

Provide the e-mail address of the person the facilitator should contact regarding training.

Minimum number for a training group is 8. Maximum number for a training group is 30.

If you have more than 30 in your group, we will need to set up multiple groups.

Provide your top 3 dates for when you would like the training to occur. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required from your earliest preferred date.

A 2-hour block of time is required.
Select your preferred campus location.

If there is a facilitator you have been working with or you would prefer to work with, please provide here. If you do not know any facilitators or do not have a preference, just put n/a.

Required Information to provide to facilitator before training:
Roster of Group which includes names, whether they are an SJU student or a CSB student, and anticipated year of graduation.