Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible to receive care at CSB Health Services?

A. Any enrolled CSB student is eligible.

Q. What is the cost of utilizing CSB Health Services?

A. The cost depends upon what services are provided. There is no charge for an "office visit" (an office visit is the terminology for your meeting with the health care provider) at CSB Health Services.  Medications received from the CSB Health Services, vaccinations and lab tests done within Health Services are offered at reduced costs. Lab tests performed outside of Health Services have costs associated with them.  For example, the blood tests that are done for patients on Accutane treatment for acne are performed by an outside lab, while the blood sample is drawn in Health Services.

Q. How are the services billed?

A. Services are billed in two ways, depending on the type of services utilized:

  • Services provided within the CSB Health Services can be billed to your student account or you can pay cash at the time of service. An insurance ready ticket will be issued at the front desk when you leave (check out). This ticket can then be submitted to the insurance company by you.
  • If lab tests are drawn at Health Services but need to be performed at an outside lab, then the outside lab will bill your insurance directly. It is very important to have your insurance information with you each time you come to CSB Health Services.

Q. Will my use of CSB Health Services be confidential?

A. Yes. Your health information is protected by state and federal statutes which guide the privacy practices of health care professionals. All CSB Health Services staff members are committed to protecting your health information by abiding by these laws very carefully. For additional information about confidentiality, please use the following link:

Q. How will I be able to get my prescriptions?

A. Some medications are available at CSB Health Services. These medications, as noted above, are offered at reduced costs. Medications that are not stocked can be obtained through a local pharmacy and delivered, with no delivery charge, to CSB Health Services. Medications delivered to students via the local pharmacy will be billed by the pharmacy to the student's health insurance. The nursing staff can assist you with arranging for your medications to be delivered to CSB Health Services.

Q. What can I expect when I call for an appointment?

A. The receptionist will ask you how she can assist you by asking you some questions about your concerns or reason for an appointment. This helps her to schedule an appropriate appointment for you, including the right length of appointment time, etc. She will remind you to bring your insurance information with you and a list of your medications, if you are taking any.

Q. Can I usually get an appointment the same day that I call?

A. It depends upon many factors. The CSB Health Services staff's goal is to be sure that there are appointments available each day for students who have health problems requiring immediate attention. Because of this, routine appointments such as travel consults and well woman examinations may not be scheduled on the same day that you call. In part, being able to be seen the same day that you call depends upon your willingness to accept an appointment time that is available that day. If the schedule is filled for the day, the RN will talk with you to determine the appropriate action.

Q. What can I expect when I arrive at Health Services for my appointment?

A. Because CSB Health Services uses electronic health records, there are two computer check-in stations that are located inside the waiting area. If this is your first visit, you will be asked to complete several forms electronically including a medical history, privacy notice and a short questionnaire about the reason for today's visit. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes. When this process is completed, the computer notifies the nurse that you have arrived and are ready for your appointment. If you have already been seen at Health Services, the computer check-in is still used and takes just a few minutes.

Q. How do I get my test results?

A. Some tests are performed at the time of your visit and you will get the results then. Other tests require time for processing. Test results will be given to you either by phone, through the secure student portal, or at a return visit to Health Services, if the provider needs to see you back for follow-up.

Q. What is the secure student CSB Health Services portal?

A. The student portal is a secure web site that CSB Health Services uses to send messages to you. It is recommended you setup your account here.