Chemistry is the central science that ties together
biology,|engineering,|astronomy,|environment,|medicine,|and physics.

Chemistry is the central science that ties together biology, engineering, astronomy, environment, medicine, and physics. Everything you can imagine involves chemistry, which is why a degree in chemistry can help you find work in various careers, including food scientist, biomedical engineer, medicine, and more.


Why Study Chemistry at CSB/SJU?

As a chemistry student at CSB/SJU, one of our biggest priorities is helping you succeed. Our introductory courses include both a professor and a teaching assistant to ensure you get the foundational support you need. There are also plenty of free tutoring options for all foundation chemistry courses and labs, as well as one-on-one tutoring with student tutors.

When you study chemistry, you will complete research alongside our diverse faculty in areas such as nanomaterials, medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry, synthetic organic or inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry. Our unique laboratory curriculum is set up to get hands-on instrument experience and learn several common lab skills starting in their first lab. This allows them to be extremely competitive applicants for paid summer research positions all over the country or world, including Costa Rica and Germany. The research you complete while at CSB/SJU will help you set you apart.


Program Overview

Our chemistry majors participate in a nationally proven interactive pedagogy that combines hybrid learning with a mix of pre-class video, readings, short lectures, and workbook activities with teams. This is woven in with our hands-on laboratory classes, where students work alongside faculty.

Students in the chemistry department are very active in Chemistry Club. This group organizes outreach events, oversees a mentor program, holds study sessions for finals, and is actively involved in the on-campus Science Olympics.

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