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Volunteer Opportunities

Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship Volunteer Opportunities

The Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship is seeking volunteers interested in furthering its mission. This is the first year of the Center and many of its programs either just beginning or in the design stages. All Center programs will need volunteer assistance.

Mission: Inspiring the Entrepreneur Spirit. Create social value and economic opportunity by actively building alliances between students, as future entrepreneurs, faculty, and experienced entrepreneurs in service to communities, organizations and individuals. The Center will stimulate, support and expand business and social entrepreneurship.

Center Services: The center works as a resource broker and partner to students, faculty, alums and community members who seek entrepreneurial solutions to today’s issues. Services include educational opportunities, scholarships, mentorships, internships, speaker series, research opportunities, training and coaching.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Center is seeking volunteers in business and the nonprofit sector who are interested in furthering the mission of the Center.


  • Center Mentor Program: Each year our students say this program helped shape their lives while in, and after college. For our Center Mentors, you dedicate one or two days per semester to come up to campus to meet one on one or in small groups with our Entrepreneur Scholar students. These students meet with our mentors to do informational interviews, or discuss their individual ventures.
  • Panelist: A panelist on our feasibility or business plan panels. This event is a half day commitment. Our day starts around 2:00, and goes until 7:30 or so. We provide dinner. The panelists will listen to presentations by our current Entrepreneur Scholars. They will be presenting their feasibility or business plans to the panel, depending on which group of E's they are in. They have 10 minutes to present, and then time for question and answers. There will be a social hour after the presentations are done for the students to ask more questions, and get some more feedback from you. Then the students are dismissed, and the panelists, Pat, Paul, Margrette and myself have dinner and give more detailed feedback.
  • A Judge or Sponsor for our annual Eric Rego Big Idea Competition!! Think Shark Tank meets 90 seconds meets CSB/SJU! This event is taking place on Wednesday February 15th at CSB. We are currently looking for sponsors and judges for this event. We have a panel of celebrity judges and a hilarious emcee for this event. We give out cash prizes to the top 3 students at this event. This is our 7 year doing this event. It is a ton of fun! We had over 250 in attendance last year!
  • In Class Presenter: Come speak in one of our many entrepreneurship or collaboration courses. Great way to share your story in front of students and faculty!
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Series Luncheon Sponsor: Two levels of sponsorship to help support our entrepreneur speaker series. Email Kelli Gradin at for more information.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Series Luncheon Speaker: Alum, or Friends of the Colleges. All Entrepreneurs. 4 Luncheons per year.
  • Executive in Residence: A more intense mentorship program- you would be on campus once a week to meet with our students.
  • Site visit host: Host our students to your office or facility to give a tour and informational presentation.
  • Coming Soon- Square Table: A weekly gathering of students, alums and members of the community to brainstorm ideas, network, and share stories and experiences. Coming in Spring 2017
  • Entrepreneur of the Year table sponsor: Sponsor a table at our biggest event of the year!  For more information, contact Kelli Gradin at
  • Entrepreneur Scholar Sponsor- Part of our 10 for 10 Campaign! We are looking to sponsor 10 scholarships for 10 years for our Entrepreneur Scholars. The program costs around $8500 per person, we have the students contribute around half, and sponsors help cover the other part of the program. This gives our students (all students) a chance to gain business skills, launch a venture, and travel as part of the program. Not all of our students can afford this program. That is where you come in!  I can send you more information on this if you are interested!
  • We also have a few events or items throughout the year, where we look for individuals or companies to sponsor certain things. We have business plan competition travel for our E-Scholars, Our Entrepreneur of the Year Videos, and we have a few new things percolating. It is all very exciting! This is also a great way to get you, or your companies name attached to wonderful events and goings on here at CSB/SJU!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship, please contact Kelli Gradin at Thank you!


If you are interested in being a volunteer for the Center please fill out the Volunteer form.