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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a fun and meaningful way to access fresh, local produce, and build a relationship with the land, farmer and other happy eaters in your community.

The Common Ground Garden Student Share is a weekly or biweekly pick-up of veggies for the first 9 weeks of the fall semester.  Student Members also share their gifts with the community through a variety of involvement options.

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What is a CSA?

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a partnership between farmers and the nearby residents to provide direct access to local, high quality produce. Community members purchase subscriptions from their local farmer before the growing season to provide farmers with a guaranteed income. In exchange, CSA members receive regular "shares": a package of fresh fruit and vegetables once a week or every other week.  

Why become a CSA member? 

  • Enjoy fresh, pesticide free, locally-grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Learn more about agriculture, farming, and seasonal eating.  
  • Support your local farmers.
  • Help strengthen the community through food health/awareness.

What do I need to do to become a CSA member? 

  • Have passion for eating healthy, fresh, local produce from a farmer right on campus that costs $5 per person for 9 weeks.
  • Decide if you want a plan for yourself or with your housemates (two portion options)

$156 Full Share- Package weekly for up to 4 people

$78 Half Share- Package every other week for up to 2 people   

Steps to become a CSA member 

  • Fill out the online form HERE to commit to Fall 2017's Student CSA
  • Purchase the plan through cash or check options
  • Help out with the CSA 2-4 hours a week through a variety of farm supportive activities (listed on the form)
  • Enjoy picking up a box of fresh food weekly or every other week at Common Grounds starting the first week of school

FAQs Link   

Food Involved:

· Potatoes · Onions · Zucchini · Cucumbers · Peppers · Tomatoes · Watermelon · Cantaloupe · Green/yellow Beans · Kale/Collards/Swiss Chard · Corn · Carrots · Daikon Radishes · Pac choi · Kohlrabi · Salad Turnips · Beets · Winter Squash (Delicata, Butternut, Pumpkins) · Leeks · Parsnips    

*** Remember a CSA is a partnership supporting your farmer through their season so this list is not a promise, but a guideline of what we are hoping for.  We may need to substitute one item for another or increase one to make up for a crop that didn't do as well.

Who is the Common Ground Gardens (your local farm)?

TheCommon Ground Gardens (CGG) A community garden at the Saint Benedict's Monastery that produces fresh, clean, healthful food without herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers and strives to strengthen the St. Joseph and surrounding community with many involvement opportunities. The CGG is committed to supporting the St. Joseph Food Shelf and the St. Cloud Catholic Charities Food Pantry.

Where is the Common Ground Garden located? 

The garden is located on the west side of the property of Saint Benedict's Monastery in St. Joseph.

Who is involved in this CSA Student Partnership?

Extending the Link: 2016 Women in Agriculture Documentary "Ubumwe; Together We Grow" Act Local Initiative

How do I learn more?  

Kate Ritger

Production Manager, CGG


[email protected]