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Entrepreneurial Studies Course Information

ENTR 301 - Creating World Class Ventures (4 credits)

This is the first in a three course sequence for the E-Scholars program.  The course covers conceptual entrepreneurial skills needed to create a business that is globally competitive.  Each student creates a feasibility plan for a potential world class venture.  Students will observe first hand, the best practices of entrepreneurial organizations.  Students will also be introduced to issues of organizational integrity and ethics and how to apply entrepreneurship strategies to both business and social concerns.  Students travel to the Silicon Valley during the class to learn from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

ENTR 302 - Global Entrepreneurship (4 credits)

This is the second course in a three course sequence. The course prepares students to conduct international business by comparing and contrasting the business practices of entrepreneurs in the United States with entrepreneurs globally.  Through readings and direct interactions with entrepreneurs and small business owner/operators who work globally as well as travel to another country, the course introduces students to the decisions surrounding international operations.  The emphasis of the course is on analyzing how markets and competition (economic dimension), power (political dimension), and culture (social dimension), and values (ethical dimension) influence start up decisions.   Students travel to Hong Kong and China where the observe first hand international business operations and become more aware of the challenges and opportunities of global business strategies. In this course, students will also be expected to develop their business concept from the feasibility study and analyze the concept in the form of a business plan. Pre-requisite ENTR 301

ENTR 303 - Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship (4 credit)

This is the final course in the E-Scholars program.  After having completed their business plans in the previous course, students will complete an apprenticeship which will involve implementation of the business plan, or a significant experience in an entrepreneurial organization that complements their personal career plans.   Seminar style classes allow for thorough analysis and understanding of their experiences with topics focused on basics of entrepreneurial leadership and management.   
Pre-requisite ENTR 302