Appendix IV: Biosafety Packaging

Packaging of biologically active material for transport.

It is expected that shipping of biologically active materials to other institutions outside of the campuses of SJU and CSB will be a rare occurrence. Biology faculty or staff wishing to do so should contact the biology safety committee for assistance. If biologically active materials are to be transported between the two campuses, the packaging instructions below should be followed.


  1. Triple packaging is recommended.
  2. The material should be placed in a primary container that is labeled with the contents and is watertight, and leak proof.
  3. Seal the primary container tightly.
  4. In case of breakage, wrap the primary container with enough absorbent material to collect all the potential spillage.
  5. Place the primary container and its wrapping in a durable, watertight, leak proof secondary package.
  6. Finally, place the filled and sealed secondary container in a strong outer package of corrugated fiberboard or cardboard.
  7. Label the package clearly with a biohazard label, a description of the contents, sender and receiver’s names, campus addresses and phone numbers. An emergency number should also be provided in case the package is compromised.