Meet Libby Cronican

CSB/SJU Transfer Students

Name: Libby Cronican
Hometown/State: Springfield, Neb.
Major: Philosophy

What made you transfer to CSB/SJU?

As a person with many interests, I was looking for a place that would empower me to pursue all of these interests. CSB was just the place! I am surrounded by a great support system of faculty and staff who encourage me to pursue my interests in nursing, philosophy and anthropology by conducting independent research on end of life care. Many students have also empowered me to try things I would never have imagined trying. As one friend told me recently while rock climbing, “It’s amazing how far you’ll go if you just try, even if you think you can’t do it.” I believe this to be true in more than just scaling rock walls.

Transferring to a new school can be tough! What made this place feel like home?

Realizing I was finally home at CSB didn’t happen with one single event. Looking back at my first semester here, I now realize that it was several events that slowly proved to me that this place was home. My first experience of being at home was holding a candle and passing along a flame to other Bennies during my orientation at the welcoming dinner. Another hint was revealed as I rowed in my first Regatta, a crew competition. I finally admitted to myself I was home when I was far away from campus on an Alternative Break Experience in Chimbote, Peru. While there, the Bennies and Johnnies on my trip kept reminding me that I, too, was a Bennie and belonged with the rest of them. It was then that I started to truly call myself a Bennie and felt that I had a place at Saint Ben’s.

Did the transfer process go smoothly?

Transferring was a piece of cake. I wish I had done it sooner; it was that easy. Instead, being afraid of change kept me away from Saint Ben’s for two years rather than one. From this experience, I’ve come to find that one should welcome and enjoy change. It still floors me to think that, had I gone with my fear and not with my gut, I wouldn’t have met my closest friends nor would I have been taught by some of the best college professors.

What activities and adventures have you all participated in since becoming a Bennie?

Since arriving at Saint Ben’s, it has been my goal to be as involved as I can while keeping up with my school work. I began my adventures by joining the rowing team, and Community Kitchen. Community Kitchen is an organization that takes leftover food from Gorecki and serves it to families in need around the St. Cloud area. From there, I learned how to rock climb and survive outside with EcoReps. I also went to the Peer Resource Program’s first annual Mock Wedding where I was assigned a role to play. I was Miley Cyrus. Needless to say, it was one of the highlights of my year. Finally, I was able to travel to Peru and serve at a local nonprofit there with some of the best Bennies and Johnnies I know. While there, I was able to work in a Hospice Clinic. That experience is what led to my interest in end of life care. It helped to shape my research project on the topic.