Meet Marleny Huerta-Apanco

Admission Rep Marleny Huerta-Panco

  • Title: Assistant Director of Admission
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 320-363-5391
  • Territory: St. Paul Public High Schools and southern Minnesota
  • Hometown: Albert Lea, Minnesota
  • High School: Albert Lea High School
  • College: CSB/SJU Class of 2017
  • Major/Minor: Psychology/Pre-med

College Activities: Throughout my time at CSBSJU, I spent a majority of my time in clubs/organizations such as the Saint John’s EMT squad, SJU Campus Ministry, and the St. Joe Community Kitchen. I have a strong passion for the health care realm so I was also drawn to participate in the Global Health Affairs club where I was able to travel to Honduras the summer after my first year. I participated in the club’s creation and trip to provide medical care and witnessed its development over the following years. I also enjoyed being a Resident Assistant in the first year and sophomore areas for 3 years where I got to meet and walk with Bennies throughout their experiences at St. Ben’s. I loved participating in soccer intramurals during my first year and sophomore years. One of the things I emphasized in all of my activities was a desire for connection. I love meeting strangers and being extremely extroverted, so throughout all of my interactions, I strived to be intentional and make as many connections possible with others.

Fun Facts: For starters, I’m a first generation college student. It’s something I am proud of and is a foundation for my passion to work in higher education. Aside from that, another fun fact is that on my 21st birthday I decided to run a half marathon and actually trained by running on the Wobegon Trail! I’ve been to 9 countries (Honduras, Mexico, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Greece) and I have gone scuba diving in the depths of Santorini. I was lucky enough to study abroad on the Greco-Roman program and not only got to have mass underneath St. Peter’s Basilica, but I was also able to volunteer alongside the Missionaries of Charity and see Mother Teresa’s bedroom in Rome. I would consider myself to be a very easy- going and happy person and am such a softie. Some of my future goals are to obtain a Ph.D. in Community Psychology and help reduce the social issues that hinder access to higher education and promote an overall quality of life. 


  • Book: I’m a sappy romantic, so romance/young adult novels are my guilty pleasure, however Harry Potter and Percy Jackson own my heart. If I want more sophisticated reads, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is fantastic, or if you’re a psych nerd like me, “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell. Gladwell literally blew my mind by sharing the real reasons successful people actually come to be “successful”.
  • Meal: I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD. There’s no question. None of that Americanized stuff either – I want my mom’s food. The only exception is Chipotle. No need to explain that one. 
  • Music: Head and the Heart! Or whatever is the most popular on the radio – Spotify is kind of my bestie.