Application Checklist for U.S. First-Year and Transfer Students

An application is not complete until we have received the required items.

Required Items

Options for Submission

Application for Admission and Scholarships Prospective first-year and transfer students who are U.S. citizens may apply for admission using either the CSB/SJU GET inspiRED Application or The Common
Official Transcript(s)


  1. Print a hard copy transcript request form
  2. Ask your counselor to electronically submit your transcript

High School Students: Submit an official high school transcript and official transcripts from any post secondary institution from which you are receiving college credits.

Transfer Students: Submit official transcripts from the post secondary institution(s) you have attended AND an
official high school transcript.

Official ACT/SAT results
(not required for transfer students)

Applicants may submit scores from either test.

You may self-report your scores when applying to
CSB/SJU, either by reporting them on your
Common Application or sending a copy of
your score report via email ( [email protected]).
When self-reporting, please include subscores
and testing date. 

Please Note: All enrolling students will need to
submit official test scores, and any discrepancies
between self-reported and official test scores may
affect a student's offer of admission and/or scholarships.


  1. Include your score on your official high school transcript (does not apply to all high schools so please double check with your counselor)
  2. Submit your scores through ACT or SAT
  3. Include CSB/SJU when registering for the ACT or SAT
  4. Self-report your ACT Scores including subscores and date of test.
Extracurricular and personal activities


  1. Submit via the application for admission
  2. Submit a hard copy résumé
  3. Upload your résumé
Transfer Evaluation
(transfer students only)


  1. Submit via the application for admission
  2. Print a hard copy form for your school official to submit

Optional Items

Options for Submission

Writing Sample

Submit a writing sample on a topic of your choice or a previously written paper. It should be one to two pages in length, typed and double-spaced.


  1. Submit via the application for admission
  2. Upload your essay

Teacher Evaluation

If you choose to submit a teacher evaluation, the evaluation should be from a teacher from one of your core academic courses (English, math, science, or social science).

Please note:  Please review the right-hand column for other options to submit your teacher evaluation. You can only submit an evaluation through the Common Application if you have applied using the Common Application.


  1. Submit via the application for admission
  2. Print a hard copy form for your teacher, high school counselor, or school official to submit
  3. Send the form to your teacher electronically so your teacher can submit your evaluation online