How to enroll at CSB/SJU

Three ways to enroll at CSB/SJU:

Enroll Online*

Fill out our online enrollment form and pay the CSB/SJU deposit by credit card. ENROLL ONLINE.

Enroll by Check*

See the instructions for paying the CSB/SJU enrollment deposit by check. ENROLL BY CHECK.

Enroll by Wire Transfer (international students)*

Many international students may choose to pay their enrollment deposit online OR with a bank wire transfer. See instructions to pay by wire transfer at CSB  (for women) or pay by wire transfer at SJU  (for men).

*PLEASE NOTE: Our enrollment deposit is nonrefundable. Take the time to make sure CSB/SJU are right for you before submitting your deposit. You aren’t required to enroll at any college before May 1,* which is universally recognized as the National Candidates Reply Date. 

*Due to the delays our country is experiencing related to COVID-19, CSB/SJU have extended their National Candidates Reply Date from May 1 to June 1, 2020.


Watch your email for your Student Network ID information and instructions on setting up your CSB/SJU email account. You will need to set this up prior to filling out important forms like housing and course registration paperwork.