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Online Accounting Courses

CSB/SJU is offering a highly interactive summer 2017 online accounting course:

  • ACFN 330A-01A: Government & Nonprofit Accounting, 3 credits
    Faculty Moderator - Ben Trnka
    Principles of accounting and reporting for governmental units and not-for-profit institutions and organizations.
    Prerequisite:  Intermediate 1


    Here are some of the particulars for the conduct of the 2017 summer online courses.

    • Classes begin June 5th and end July 31, 2017 - eight weeks in total. There will be about two to three hours per week of 'class' time; along with your study and homework, students should plan to spend a total of nine to ten hours a week on the course. 'Class' time will be quite interactive for an online course.
    • We provide a variety of Camtasia videos, electronic office hours (where we can chat face-to-face using technology) and live lectures, where students will have the ability to ask questions, just like an in-the-seat class.
    • Given the various work schedules that students have, we record all the live lectures. Thus, if students cannot 'attend', they shall view the material at their own schedule.
    • Tuition is about $350 per credit; the course is 3 credits. Students who are not currently enrolled at CSB/SJU are charged an additional $50 application fee.
    • Studentswill need an internet connection. Students should have a microphone for their computer (less than $10  expenditure) and a web cam. (as little as $4 to $10 dollars on the web.) 

    How to register:

    CSB/SJU current students: email the Registrar's Office noting the course(s) desired.
    Non CSB/SJU students: complete a Data Collection Form and submit it. Direct any questions to the Registrar: [email protected]

    Course Objectives

    Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting Course Objectives 

    Governmental Accounting:  (1) To provide knowledge of the various funds and groups of accounts utilized in governmental accounting and the accounting principles followed in each.
    (2) Understanding financial reporting for governmental entities, prescribed by GASB 34, with emphasis on the CAFR - the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
    Not-For-Profit Accounting:  (1) Nuances in not-for-profit accounting, notably contributions and restricted funds. (2) Financial reporting for not-for-profits.