Accounting and Finance Department

Within the accounting and finance major, we offer three paths to success. An explanation of the differences in curriculum among these three paths is located on the Curriculum page.

Public Accounting (CPA) concentration. This concentration prepares students to sit for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) during their senior year or upon graduation. All states, including Minnesota, require 150 credit hours of education to obtain the CPA certification. Additionally, our students have often passed the CPA exam at much higher rates than the national average. And, by working with your faculty advisor, we can help students achieve the 150 credit hours in four years, whereas other colleges often require five years.

Traditional accounting concentration. Since many students are interested in accounting but do not desire to sit for the CPA exam right away (or ever), the traditional accounting concentration provides a broader, more general view of accounting. This concentration is ideal for students interested in understanding the language of business, but who are planning to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, or are looking for a career in a business' accounting department. This concentration also is suggested for those intending to double major and for those who would like to explore other liberal arts coursework while intending to focus on accounting after graduation.

At CSB/SJU the Public Accounting concentration and the Traditional concentration both meet the current education requirements set by the Minnesota Board of Accountancy to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination, and for CPA licensure, in Minnesota. In addition to course work, students are required to have completed 150 semester hours of college-level education in order to qualify to be a CPA. The Department of Accounting & Finance at CSB/SJU is committed to work with those students who wish to take the CPA exam immediately after college to qualify for the 150-hour requirement.

Finance concentration. This concentration prepares students for careers focusing on financial analysis, including careers as a stock broker, securities analyst, investment banker, financial planner, or in the finance department of a corporation. This concentration is designed for students with a strong interest in learning about investments in the stock market, securities analysis, derivatives, corporate finance, international finance, and similar topics. 

Overview of Program

  • Through a series of two and four credit classes and internships, we can prepare you to take the CPA exam in four years.
  • Our courses include an emphasis on real-world applications and business writing and communication skills.
  • The major includes a finance track that focuses on economics, international finance and corporate financial analysis.

Department Highlights

  • CSB/SJU graduates score particularly well on the CPA examination because of the strength of the accounting program and our liberal arts focus within the program.
  • The Accounting and Finance Club sponsors visits to accounting firms, guest speakers, mock interviews and fun activities.
  • Many of the courses in the Accounting and Finance Department are held in our classroom with recently upgraded technology. It has 6 student stations with large monitors, whiteboards for each station, and a central screen. Students and faculty have benefited from the upgraded funcitonality of the room and universally praise the improved, interactive natiure of the setting.
  • Exceptional opportunities exist to interview on-campus for internships, summer experience programs and full-time employment. All four Big 4 firms and a host of other firms and companies come to campus to interview our wonderful students.