Global Awareness Lecture Series

The Global Awareness Lecture Series is a program of guest speakers on international relations topics that has been conducted at Saint John's University and the College of Saint Benedict since 1982. Since the beginning it has been organized and administrated by Gary Prevost in the Political Science Department. Funding for the program has come primarily from the Office of Academic Affairs with additional monies from the student-led International Affairs Club and The Minnesota Humanities Commission. On some occasions programs are co-sponsored by other academic departments and programs.

The topics covered and the regions of the world explored are multiple. The programs are often integrated directly into the curriculum of political science and other courses. The speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds including academics, political activism, journalism, and consulting. Listed below are some of the topics and speakers that have been featured in the last five years. All speakers give public lecture open to all and in some cases the visitors speak in classes and meet informally with students.