Saint Benedict's Policies

Campus Housing and Residency Requirement

Beginning with the class that enrolls at CSB in the fall of 2010, all students will be required to live on campus. Housing information forms are sent to all Saint Benedict's students who are offered admission. For first-year students residence hall accommodations are assigned using their housing questionnaire and assignments are sent out to incoming students in mid-July. For returning upperclass students, housing arrangements are determined through participation in the room selection process. Room selection takes place during the spring semester for the next academic year.

Room rentals are on an academic year basis (September through May). The College of Saint Benedict expects its students to vacate their residences during official college breaks. Students who need to remain in their campus housing during the break periods must make special arrangements with the Residential Life Office.

A copy of the CSB Campus Housing Agreement and specific rental information can be found on the CSB Residential Life website at or can be obtained from the Residential Life Office. 

Board Contracts

All Saint Benedict's students living in residence halls or other rooms without cooking facilities are assigned a board contract. The board contract is intended to be a minimum charge only; therefore additional meal purchases may be necessary. The board contract is non-transferable. 

Deferred Payments

Various payment options are available at Saint Benedict's, options include payment before the semester begins, or four installment payments during the semester. Additional information is available through the Student Accounts Office.