Ronald Pagnucco
Associate Professor of Peace Studies, 1999-; B.A., The Catholic University of America, 1979; M.A., 1983; Ph.D., 1992.

Scott Palmer
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychology, 1996‑; B.A., Saint Olaf College, 1979; M.S., Moorhead State University, 1991; Ph.D., Brigham Young University, 1986.

Manju Parikh
Professor of Political Science, 1986‑; B.A., American University of Beirut, 1972; M.A., Jawaharlal Nehru University, 1974; M.A., University of Chicago, 1978; Ph.D., 1988.

Michael Patella, OSB
Professor of Theology, 1995‑; B.A., Iona College, 1977; M.A., Boston College, 1981; M.Div., Saint John’s University, 1989; S.S.L., Pontifical Biblical Institute, 1993; S.S.D., Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise, 1995.

John-Bede Pauley, OSB
Instructor of Music, 2010-; B.A., Southwest Texas State University, 1981; J.S., University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1984; M.A., Saint John's University, 1998; M.M., Westminster Choir College of Rider University, 2003; Doctoral Candidate, Durham University.

Deborah Jackson Pembleton
Assistant Professor of Global Business Leadership, 2011-; B.A., University of Notre Dame, 1981; M.A., St. Louis University, 1984; Ph.D., Universityof Minnesoty, 2010.

Alicia Peters
Adjunct Instructor in Education, 2012-; B.S., Saint Cloud State University, 1998; M.A., Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, 2011. 

Alicia Peterson
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2009-; B.A., College of Saint Benedict, 2003; PH.D., University of Minnesota, 2009.

Cindy Peterson
Adjunct Instructor in First Year Seminar, 2010-; B.S., Arizona State University, 1987; M.A., Saint Cloud State University, 2003.   

Jennifer Peterson
Adjunct Instructor in Nursing, 2011-; B.S., College of Saint Benedict, 1998.

Beth Ann Pettit
Adjunct Instructor in Biology, 2012-; B.A., College of Saint Benedict, 1995; M.S., University of Central Florida, 206; Doctoral Candidate, University of Minnesota.

Simon-Hoa Phan, OSB
Associate Professor in Art, 2003-; B.A., Saint John’s Seminary College, 1986; B.A., Catholic University of Louvain, 1988; M.F.A. Candidate, California Institute of the Arts.

Jessica Pishney
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychology, 2012-; B.A., University of Southern California, 2003; M.A., Boston University, 2004; Psy. D., Massahusetts School of Professional Psychology, 2010.

Paul Pladson
Professor of Accounting and Finance, 1975; B.A., Saint Cloud State University, 1968; M.B.A., 1971; C.P.A., 1970; P.F.S., 1994.

Lisa Platt
Assistant Professor of Psychology, 2010-; B.A., University of Wyoming, 2000; M.Ed., University of Oregon, 2002; Ph.D., Pennsylvania state University, 2008.

James Poff
Professor of Biology, 1976‑; B.A., Miami University of Ohio, 1969; M.A., 1972; Ph.D., Utah State University, 1976.

Natalie Prasch
Adjunct Instructor in Education, 2012-; B.A., University of Minnesota-Morris, 1994; M.A., Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, 1999.

Kelly Spangrud Prestby
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Accounting and Finance, 2012-; B.A., Concordia College, 1990; M.Ac., Auburn University, 2007.

Gary Prevost
Professor of Political Science, 1977‑; B.A., Union College, 1969; M.A., University of Minnesota, 1972; Ph.D., 1976.

Sarah Pruett
Adjunct Instructor in Modern and Classical Languages, 1987-1994; 2012-; B.A., Carleton College, 1980; A.M., University of Illinois at Urbana-Chapaign, 1983.

Aric Putnam
Associate Professor of Communication, 2003-; B.A., San Francisco State University, 1994; M.A., University of Maine, 1998; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2006.