Vision for the Future

Commitment to Accessibility and Aspiration

Saint John’s will excel in providing a unique and accessible educational environment for a diverse community of undergraduate men, as well as a graduate community of male and female students of theology, drawn from a broad range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and showing evidence of the capacity to pursue, respectively, liberal arts studies and graduate theological education with distinction.

Commitment to Educational Excellence

Saint John’s will excel in providing undergraduate and graduate students with a superb education by recruiting, developing, and retaining a talented and diverse faculty and staff, with an exceptional commitment to teaching and service, scholarship and the mentoring of students.

Service to Church

Saint John’s will excel in fostering exceptional scholarship, study and outreach in monastic studies, liturgical studies and lifelong learning for ministers, lay and ordained, women and men, leaders and committed members of faith communities within the Catholic tradition, the broader ecumenical Church and the multi-religious landscape of the contemporary world.

Witness to Benedictine Values

Saint John’s will excel in fostering the understanding and cultivation of reflection and prayer, creativity and self-sacrifice, with a special emphasis on the intellectual, ethical, spiritual, physical and social development of men.

Stewardship of Knowledge and Culture

Saint John’s will excel in the preservation and transmission of knowledge and culture, with special emphasis on unique and threatened religious cultural resources, the natural environment and artistic creativity.