The mission of Saint John’s University is to renew the fabric of community from one generation to the next, ever striving for excellence, ever grounded in Benedictine tradition.

Saint John's University provides education in the liberal arts and graduate theological disciplines in the Catholic university tradition.

Saint John's seeks to preserve the well-springs of human culture, to deepen understanding of human interdependence, and to prepare students for full, integrated lives of faith and reason, action and love.

Saint John's strives to relate teaching, learning, and scholarship to the residential life of the campus, community worship, the practice of the arts, and programs of service.

These activities are animated by the Benedictine practices of community life, prayer, hospitality and the search for wisdom, as well as by Saint John's own historic commitments to the well-being of diverse human communities, the formation of leaders in successive generations, and the ongoing renewal of the Church.

Saint John's pursues this mission on the undergraduate level, where it offers residential liberal arts education in coordination with the College of Saint Benedict, as well as through graduate theological education, long-standing programs of cultural preservation and transmission, and a variety of sponsored programs.