Mission and Vision

The mission of the College of Saint Benedict is to provide for women the very best residential liberal arts education in the Catholic university tradition. Together with its partner Saint John’s University, the college fosters integrated learning, exceptional leadership for change and wisdom for a lifetime. Its aspirations on behalf of the mission are shaped by the following vision:

A Commitment to Women’s Education. The College of Saint Benedict will be considered among the most prestigious women’s colleges in the country as measured by its commitment to recruiting, developing, and retaining a superb and diverse faculty and professional staff.

A Commitment to Women’s Development. The College of Saint Benedict will be recognized nationally for its leadership in programming for women, complementing a rigorous curriculum with enhanced opportunities for ethical, social and spiritual development, informed by the Catholic intellectual tradition.

A Commitment to Accessibility and Excellence. The college will be known for its unique educational environment, accessible to a diverse community of women who are among the nation’s academically elite but reflect a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds.

A Commitment to the Fine and Literary Arts. The heritage of Benedictine humanism will continue to shape the character of the College of Saint Benedict, distinguished as a prominent venue for Fine Arts programming and highly regarded for its Literary Arts Institute.

A Commitment to the Catholic Benedictine Tradition. The College of Saint Benedict will promote women's leadership within the Church by an expanded and broadened theological curriculum, by increased dialogue with local faith communities and through outreach activities for women, sponsored by the college and the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict.