The mission of the Academic Advising Office is to empower students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are consistent with their academic, personal, and professional goals through direct service to the student and collaboration with faculty and other campus resources. All academic advisors provide a variety of services to students and faculty including developmental advising, four-year planning, selecting majors, academic probation counseling, substitutions, workshops, and summer registration. While many staff members have a special focus area, all advisors will address issues or concerns related to general academic advising.

Advising Staff


Academic Services Building
(320) 363-5687

Jason Kelly
Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Advising

Jackie Hampton
Advisor (Continuing Education)

Sharon Wenner

Jeanne Terres
Office Manager-CSB/SJU


Quad 155
(320) 363-2248

Mark Shimota
Assistant Director (Pre-Law)

Lisa Scott
Advisor (International Students)

Theresa Anderson                               Advisor (Multicultural Students)

College Possible Coaches

CSB,Henrita Academic Building, Room 108-109  (320)-363-5685

Jackaline Heise

Elizabeth Rojas

Jennifer Serrato

Student Accessibility Services

Thomas Sagerhorn
CSB, Henrita Academic Building, Room 105
(320) 363-5245
Student Accessibility Specialist

Brittni Sweeney
CSB, Henrita Academic Building, Room 105
(320) 363-5245
Accommodations Coordinator

Krysten Schwartz
CSB, Henrita Academic Building, Room 105
(320) 363-5245
Student Accessibility Specialist

Peer Advising Assistants

  • Augusta Allen
  • Pedro Chavez
  • Emily Dosch
  • Kim Ficker, Peer Advisor Team Manager
  • Morgan Holthaus
  • Justine Huebner
  • Ethan Larson
  • Max Martin (Spring 2018 Only)
  • Matt Miller
  • Sharon Quamber
  • Kristin Rezac
  • David-Earl Russell
  • Tyler Vang
  • Mariana Urbina
  • Chimeng Xiong
  • Daniel Yang, Peer Advisor Team Manager