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Pre-Professional Programs - Occupational Therapy

Advisers: Manuel Campos, Don Fischer, David Mitchell

Occupational therapy employs "occupation" or purposeful activity to help people of all ages with physical, developmental, or emotional dysfunctions and assists people to prevent, lessen, or overcome disabilities.

Occupational therapists direct the patient's participation in selected tasks to restore, reinforce, or enhance performance and learning of those skills and functions essential for daily activities. Working cooperatively with other members of the health team, occupational therapists help patients improve their basic motor skills, reasoning, and functional abilities, while utilizing purposeful activity in a variety of settings to reduce physical and psychosocial disability.

Specific information regarding prerequisite and recommended courses, minimum GPA and prerequisite GPA, Graduate Record Exam (GRE), and occupational therapy experience requirements can be found on the individual occupational therapy program webpages. Also, if you completed advanced placement (AP) courses while in high school, make sure to read the occupational therapy program's policy regarding advanced placement (AP) courses.

Regional Occupational Therapy Programs

See a complete list of accredited master's-level programs and entry-level doctoral programs in occupational therapy. 



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"Studying at a liberal arts college gave me freedom to study a broad range of courses while still being able to fulfill the occupational therapy requirements." Taylor Grootwassink '17 Read more from Taylor.

Our students are highly sought after because of the strong liberal arts education that CSB/SJU provides and because of our strong science programs.