March 28, 2014

Dear members of the College of Saint Benedict community,

Thank you for your warm welcome of President-Elect Dr. Mary Dana Hinton at this week's community gathering in her honor. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Hinton and her family to campus on June 15, 2014. She will take office on July 1, 2014.

The College of Saint Benedict Board of Trustees believes a successful presidential transition from the current president MaryAnn Baenninger to new president Mary Dana Hinton is essential. To that end, I have created a transition team for the purpose of developing a collaborative and inclusive transition plan for the first year of Dr. Hinton's presidency. The transition team is an advisory group, and implementation of the transition plan will depend on multiple college groups and individuals.

The transition team is composed of members who represent a wide variety of stakeholders. Please see the complete membership, below. The transition team held its first meeting this week and will continue to meet through Dr. Hinton's first year.

Thank you for your interest and investment in a successful presidential transition.


Lynn Newman

Chair, College of Saint Benedict Board of Trustees

Presidential Transition Team

  • Harvey Jewett, CSB Trustee - Co-Chair
  • Kim Motes, CSB VP for Institutional Advancement - Co-Chair
  • Iris Cornelius, CSB Trustee and Chair, CSB/SJU Academic Affairs Committee
  • Terry Dolan, CSB Trustee and incoming Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Barb Melsen, CSB Trustee and Co-Chair of CSB Campaign Steering Committee
  • Kathryn Enke, CSB Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the President
  • Mary Geller, CSB VP for Student Development
  • Rita Knuesel, CSB/SJU Provost
  • Sue Palmer, CSB VP of Finance and Administration
  • Manuel Campos, CSB/SJU Professor of Biology
  • Terry Check, CSB/SJU Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate and Professor of Communication
  • Jennifer Barta, President, CSB Alumnae Board
  • S. Mara Faulkner, Saint Benedict's Monastery
  • Anna Krieger, CSB Student and President, Saint Ben's Senate