Code of Ethics

College of Saint Benedict Presidential Search Committee Code of Ethics

The following statement sets forth the parameters for the conduct of the members of the College of Saint Benedict Presidential Search Committee.  By signing this document, each individual member acknowledges an understanding of his/her personal responsibilities and agrees to uphold these principles in all aspects of the search.

  • To protect the integrity of the College of Saint Benedict and that of all prospects and candidates
  • To recognize that the co-chairs of the Search Committee, Lynn M. Newman and Barb Melsen shall be the only individuals authorized to make public statements pertaining to the search
  • To promptly disclose to the Search Committee any real or potential conflict of interest in a relationship between a search committee member and a prospect or candidate
  • To agree that the management of all information pertaining to the search and all prospects and candidates is a critically important function of the Search Committee and to acknowledge the importance of this aspect in conjunction with the effort to attract highly qualified candidates without the risk of placing their positions in jeopardy.  To that end I agree:
    • to maintain total and complete confidentiality of all prospects and candidates
    • not to reveal the identity of or any information about prospects and candidates during the search or at any time in the future after the search has been completed
    • to be honest, fair, and accurate throughout our deliberations
    • to treat issues impartially and address controversial subjects respectfully
    • to give accurate and complete reports on all assignments given to me
    • to place the best interests of the College of Saint Benedict ahead of all special and personal interests