On Campus Interviewing Program

During the fall and spring semesters, organizations send representatives to the CSB and SJU campuses to conduct on campus interviews for full-time as well as internship opportunities.  Some organizations may also request that we collect resumes for available internship or employment opportunities with the potential of scheduling a date to interview on campus.  Organizations from a wide variety of occupations are hoping that students of all majors will participate in this program.  These are actual internship and employment interviews and should not be used as practice sessions. 

All on campus interviews for internships or employment require registration through E-link:

Interview Locations:

  • CSB interviews are held in the upper level of the Academic Services Building in Career Services.
  • SJU interviews are held in Mary Hall Ground (025).

Policies and Procedures

You are required to enter a profile on E-link and upload a primary resume.

It is your responsibility to view the list of participating organizations and submit application materials such as resume and cover letter for each organization of interest to you.  You submit your application materials to each employer of interest via the E-link system.

The On-Campus Interview Process

  • Check the E-link for the list of participating organizations carefully and often.  Special requirements such as major, GPA, or graduation dates for each organization are listed. If you do not meet the requirements for the position, you will not be able to apply via the E-link system.  You may wish to submit a resume directly to the employer for consideration. 
  •  Mark your calendar to attend organization information sessions/receptions being held by organizations of interest to you.  These will be listed on the E-link Calendar.
  • Check for additions and deletions to the schedule on a very regular basis.

Selection is made by each organization after review of submitted application materials.  Candidates selected will then be emailed to sign up for an interview.  Schedules are on a first come first serve sign up through E-link.

  • As you register note the time, date, and location of your interview(s). It is your responsibility to check E-link for interview dates, times, and locations. 
  • In addition to E-link, you are encouraged to send a cover letter and resume to the organization to enhance your chances of receiving an interview.  Ensure the letter states you are seeking an on campus interview during the time their organization will be at CSB/SJU.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel an interview with a 48-hour or more notice via E-link.  Anyone who misses a scheduled interview without a minimum of two working days (48 hours) notice FORFEITS his/her privilege to interview with future employers on campus.  If you need to cancel an interview for an emergency with less than a 48-hour notice, you must speak with SJU: John Clarkson, CSB:  Ed Stubblefield, personally during business hours. (If John or Ed are not available, you must speak to an alternate staff member).  Voice mail and e-mail cancellations with less than a 48 hours notice are absolutely not accepted. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED.

Your responsibility after registration includes:

  • Checking the E-link to see if you have been selected from company choice for an interview.
  • Attend interviews for which you are scheduled.
  • Contact Career Services if you are unclear regarding any of the procedures.
  • It is strongly recommended that you bring an additional copy of your resume to share with the potential employer at the time of the interview. You are also encouraged to send a copy of your resume to the employers with a cover letter prior to your interview date.
  • Prepare for your interviews. Utilize materials in the Career Resource Centers, E-link and Internet resources. 
  • You are encouraged to send a thank you letter to organizations with whom you interview.  Requesting a business card from the interviewer may assist you in follow-up correspondence.  Company contact information will be listed on E-link, but we may not have specific recruiters' names available.

Students participating in the On Campus Interview Program are EXPECTED to attend workshops to polish your skills prior to meeting with company representatives. Call to schedule an appointment with your Career Center, or check E-link, Career Homepage, or Career Designs newsletter for events scheduled for polishing your skills as well as for additions and changes to the organization schedules.  Organization information sessions and receptions will also be advertised on E-link.  Individual appointments may also be scheduled to polish your skills.