Sophomore Year

Continue to Discover Possible Majors

  • Speak with faculty about major requirements and career opportunities in a major field
  • Check out the "What Can I Do With a Major In...?" section on the Career Services homepage - More Info...
  • Search departmental homepages for information on potential majors

Begin to Discover Possible Careers

  • Identify five to ten career areas to explore
  • Conduct information interviews/job shadows with alumni/ae and other professionals to gather information on careers
  • Participate in employer information sessions, roundtables, and networking events

 Prepare to Gain Experience

  • Firm up study abroad plans in your sophomore year - More Info...
  • Begin planning for internship or summer job opportunities that relate to your interests
  • Work toward a leadership position in your club/organization
  • Attend the Minnesota Private Colleges Internship Fair
  • Check out other Fairs occurring throughout the academic year (Government Job & Internship Fair, Tri-College Fair, Sports Internship Fair, Volunteer Fair, Education Career Fair, etc.)
  • Starting in early fall, regularly check E-link for internship postings and on-campus interviews for internships - More Info...

 Continue to Develop Career Tools

  • Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to assist with choosing a major and to explore career options
  • Begin networking - More Info...
  • Learn how to write a cover letter - More Info... 
  • Update your resume - More Info...
  • Continue collecting items for your career portfolio - More Info...
  • Build relationships with faculty members and staff through class and individual appointments (these relationships will be the sources of later letters of recommendation and professional references)
  • Read Career Designs, a publication of the Career Resource Center, for articles on career planning and the career events calendar

Junior Year