International Internships


Searching for international internships can easily seem like a daunting task, however with our help, we hope to make this experience less intimidating. Below you will find helpful, reliable, and most importantly,  informative websites to aid you in your search.

 As always, if you cannot find an internship that best suits you and your interests, please feel free to email [email protected] to schedule an appointment! Remember, once you have obtained your international internship, be sure to visit, Registering for International Internships.


Going Global provides world-wide job and internship opportunities. This website it updated daily and can be particularly useful if you choose to study abroad while also interested in completing an internship for credit abroad.

Summer Global Internship Program - The Summer Global Internship Program (SGIP), open to current students and graduating seniors, provides international experiential learning programs featuring internships in business and non-profit organizations, academic/scientific research projects, teaching experiences and more

Other Opportunities Abroad - While many CSB/SJU students choose to go abroad for a semester or for a short-term, there are other types of international experiences as well. You may discover that your personal, professional and academic goals are pushing you towards a different type of international experience. This page provides some resources for that exploration.