Engaging International Student Interns

If your organization is engaged in the global market, or has plans to grow in that capacity, CSB/SJU international students could provide an important perspective and skill set to help you achieve your goals! By completing their degree at CSB/SJU, versus at a school in their home country, these students demonstrate a wide variety of skills that are critical to workplace success. Some of those skills are:

  • Adaptability
  • Independence
  • A sense of determination and tenaciousness
  • Drive to build skills and succeed at the highest levels
  • Dedication
  • Academic excellence
  • Networking ability with contacts in their home countries
  • Cross-cultural expertise
  • Bilingual Language Ability (English and the language of their home country)
Steps to hosting an international student intern

If you're developing a paid or an unpaid internship opportunity for/with an international student, you will simply be required to complete your portion of the CSB/SJU Internship Learning Contract. No further paperwork would be required of your organization.

For information about visa or international student-employment related questions, contact Rebecca Brown-Medvec , Assistant Director of Intercultural & International Student Services, at 320-363-5093.