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Critique Your Resume: Checklist


1.  Overall appearance . . .

______makes an immediate favorable impression
______is easy to read
______looks professional

2.  Contact information . . .

______is clearly presented at the top
______includes address information
______includes email and telephone data

3.  Objective . . .

______stated clearly and conveys purpose
______emphasizes strongest qualifications which are likely to match employers' needs
______reasonably short (1-2 lines)

4.  Organization . . .

______strongest qualifications presented immediately after the objective
______key points stand out
______consistent format utilized

5.  Content . . .

______supports and substantiates the objective
______stresses skills, accomplishments and results rather than duties and responsibilities

6.  Language . . .

______expressed in concise manner
______uses action verbs to begin phrases
______has short action-oriented phrases instead of full sentences
______free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors

7.  Length . . .

______brief - typically one page