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What to Expect

First Things First

Tutors will not "fix" your paper for you. You and your tutor will work together to improve your paper and build your skills for the future. First, your tutor will ask you questions about your essay and your writing. Then, either you or the tutor will read your paper out loud. After that, it's up to you and your tutor to decide what to work on. We'll focus on broad structural and conceptual issues (the "base" of the pyramid) before moving on to smaller issues like grammar.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Writing Center Appointment

1. Keep timing in mind
You can make an appointment for 30 or 60 minutes. Think about what's best for your schedule and your paper.
Come sooner rather than later. If you come to us for help the day the assignmnet is due, the changes we can make are minimal (and stressful). The more time for revising, the better.

2. Bring the prompt/assignment sheet/rubric
Then tutors know what your professors expects from the paper.

3. Know what you want to work on
Do you need help brainstorming? Want to formulate or revise a thesis? Think your organization could use some work? Help your tutor help you by targetting specific questions.

4. Relax
There's no need to be nervous! Our tutors are students. too, and are there to help you.

5. Come to the Writing Center again
You can make multiple appointments for the same assignment and get help at all stages of the writing process.

Bonus tip: If you want someone familiar with your paper topic, check out our list of Tutor Specialties to find a match.

Walk-ins Welcome

If you have made an appointment, your tutor will be ready for you at the campus you signed up for. But even if you haven't made an appointment, we still might be able to help. Drop in HAB 103 or Quad 263 and ask if any tutors are available.