Events and Updates

If the Writing Center tutors aren't busy tutoring...what are they doing?

Hosting Events

On Monday March 4th, the Writing Center hosted a panel event featuring CSB/SJU professors Christi Siver, Dana Drazenovich, Derek Larson, and Deborah Pembleton. They spoke about what makes good writing both in their field and in general. Students had the opportunity to learn how to excel in college and the workplace by improving their writing skills, and find out firsthand what teachers expect. Check out our video recording of this event!


Helping you with grammar

This week's grammar tip: the correct use of a semicolon.

The semicolon is used when combining two independent clauses. This means that the first section of your sentence (before the semicolon), and the second section of your sentence (after the semicolon) can stand alone. In other words, both sections have a subject and a verb. For example:

The boy and the girl were very good at basketball; therefore, they both tried out for the team.

Notice that 'therefore' is used to lead into the second independent clause and it is followed by a comma. Although it is not always necessary, semicolons are often followed by a conjunction and a comma like in this example. Here is another example:

No one in my family liked to exercise; however, we always found time to run in the rain.

The semicolon is always a stylistic choice, so if you are unsure whether or not you should use a semicolon, just play it safe and separate your original sentence into two sentences with a period.

Check out this a helpful Youtube video about the colon and semicolon!

Being Awesome

Are you an upperclassman that doesn't believe our writing tutors will be able to help with your major-specific paper? Check out our upperclassmen tutors, and their specialties! This week we are featuring our upper classmen Political Science majors! Ryan Zajic and Hannah Dolan are both senior Political Science Majors.

Learn more about our Tutor Specialties here!