Ben Shapiro, Upward Bound Director

320-363-5887  bshapiro@csbsju.eduBen Shapiro

Hello!  I'm the new Upward Bound Director.  I got my start in Upward Bound at the College of St. Benedict as a tutor mentor and now have the privilege to come back to campus to be the Director.  Since leaving Upward Bound, I have worked as a teacher and advisor, working with several grant funded programs including TRIO Upward Bound.  Upward Bound is a great program and allows students to strive to better their futures.  I look forward to leading this program into the future.   

Sue Weitz, Upward Bound Program Assistant


I've worked for Upward Bound for 14 years now and I am even more proud to be associated with this very worthwhile program.  We have had great kids in Upward Bound over the years, and some of them come back to work for us during their college years.  It is a real testament to this Upward Bound program that we continually get returning students, staff, and instructors to participate, tutor, and teach, respectively.  We're continually striving to make it even better!  Any investment in kids and in education is an investment in our future.

Shelley Gemza, Upward Bound Program Advisor I


I am the academic advisor for St. Clould Apollo High School and Willmar High School.  I also work with the students during the summer program and Saturday sessions.  I will also get to know the students at Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud Tech during tutoring this year.  I enjoy working with and getting to know our Upward Bound students during the school year.  This is my fifteenth year working with TRiO programs!  During my time off, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my two children, and reading.   

Chris Young, Upward Bound Advisor II

320-363-5268 cyoung@csbsju.eduChris Young

I am the Upward Bound Program Advisor for St. Cloud Tech High School and Sauk Rapids Rice High School.  I will be meeting with students from these schools on a weekly basis and will also work with students from other schools at the Saturday sessions.  Being part of Upward Bound is a privilege and I am truly impressed with the students and staff that are involved with the program. In my spare time I enjoy reading and spending time with my four children.