Mission and Vision Statements


Mission Statement:

Rooted in the Catholic, Benedictine tradition, our department's mission is to help students explore ultimate questions about God and the world.  We do this primarily by offering a wide variety of courses on Sacred Scripture and the Christian tradition, as well as courses in Judaism, Islam and other world religions.  Special attention is given in our course offerings to the theological dimensions of contemporary questions.  Our approach is comprehensive and interdisciplinary as we encourage each of our students to come to a coherent and meaningful worldview grounded in faith and supported by reason.


Vision Statement:

Our department seeks to be a vibrant center of theological learning and scholarship, fostering the pursuit of wisdom and preparing students for a lifetime of intellectual and spiritual growth.  We seek to educate and mentor students for service to the church and world through an integrated focus on questions of ultimate concern and on responses to those questions found in the Christian tradition and other religious traditions.