Kathryn (Kathy) Lilla Cox


Associate Professor, College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

Phone: 320-363-2707
Office: Luke Hall 202
Email: kcox@csbsju.edu

Areas of specialty:
Fundamental Moral Theology, Feminist Ethics, Contemporary Systematics, Healthcare Ethics

Classes Recently Taught:
Theology, Healthcare, and Biomedical Ethics
Moral Theology
Thinking Theologically
The Biblical Tradition


"Donum Vitae: Moral Edict or Counter-Cultural Anthropological Statement?" presented at The Society of Christian Ethics, Chicago, January 9, 2009

"How Do We Make Moral Decisions?", a Theology Day presentation, Collegeville, MN; November, 2009.

"Vocation and the Fundamental Option: Frameworks for a Transcendental analysis of Moral Action" presented at New Wine, New Wineskins conference, Notre Dame, July 31-August 3, 2008

"Opening our Moral Imagination: Metaphor and Feminist Ethics" presented at The Society of Christian Ethics, Miami, January 2005

(Forthcoming)  "Moral action's missing link - a community's emotional geography" (working title) to be presented at the Second Conference of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church, Trent Italy,  July 24-27, 2010