THEO 396


The Senior Capstone Course in Theology focuses on students integrating the theological education they have received thus far through a focused experience of research and discussion.  "Discussion" will include formal presentations of research.  "Research" will primarily involve students taking responsibility for their own ongoing education by learning more deeply what theology is, learning research methods, and bringing research to fruition in the writing of papers.  A primary focus of research will include investigation of how theology correlates with other disciplines and ideas, and why theological inquiry remains critically important for church and society.

Course Objectives:

1. Students will demonstrate the ability to work independently on a theological research project of their own choosing.
2. Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate a variety of theological resources and perspectives both within theology, and between theology and other disciplines.
3. Students will demonstrate the ability to present and discuss their work.
4. Students will demonstrate sensitivity to the question of theology's responsibility to respond to the needs of church and society.