Campus Conservation Nationals

    Campus Conservation Nationals is a nationwide resource-use reduction competition that challenges college and university campuses to achieve the greatest electricity and water use reductions during a 3-week period.

Congratulations to Regina Hall for winning the on campus competition for 2012! Regina reduced their energy use by 9.8% and enjoyed at Spa Day at O'Connells!

Watch this video to learn more about the competition!

Track progress between Res. Halls, compare CSB to other colleges and get involved. Commit to conserve by taking various steps to reduce your energy use (see left side of dashboard homepage).









Women living in Rainbow and Idzerda House stay warm in their ugly sweaters while 'cooling it' to reduce energy use.


Stephanie Pinkalla's CCN Tip:

Are you a singing-in-the-shower-with-exam-notes-in-a-zip-lock-bag-wish-I-could-sit-in-the-shower-all-day-man-i-am-so-stressed kind of person? These next three weeks were made for you. Instead of kickin' it by yourself in the shower to relax from your day (and study?), throw in the towel early with a less-than-five minute shower (with colder water than usual) and do yoga instead of staring at the wall for a half hour. And study in the library. You know who you are.
Save the waterfall! Get it?

  1. Unplug it: Energy is still wasted when electronics are plugged in but not in use. Turn off TVs, lights and computers when not in use.

  2. Do it in the dark: Turn the lights off and use natural lighting. Replace old bulbs with CFLs. Gorecki utilized natural light during Feb. as well.

  3. Skip it, or at least cool it: Don't wash clothes that aren't dirty. When doing the wash, use cold water instead of hot.

 Students skip/cool laundry and heat in their dorms.

Total reductions from 2012!

Residence Hall

Amount of Energy Conserved













East Apartments


West Apartments