Registering with Student Accessibility Services

Obtaining Academic Accommodations: 

Students seeking to receive academic accommodations should proceed with the following steps:

  1. Contact Student Accessibility Services: Call 320-363-5245 to set up an Initial Interview with one of our Student Accessibility Specialists. 

2. Provide Documentation: All students registered with our office are required to provide documentation indicating the presence of a disabling condition. It is most helpful to have this information sent prior to your scheduled Initial Interview. 

3. Meet with Student Accessibility Specialist- The Initial Interview: The interview is a collaborative process between you and the Student Accessibility Specialist. You will have an opportunity to request specific accommodations and learn more about other resources and accommodations you may be eligible to receive. Your accommodation eligibility will be determined during this meeting.  

4. Following the meeting: If classroom accommodations are approved, you will receive an emailed Accommodation Letter. This letter will be sent to you prior to the beginning of each subsequent semester. Should your individual circumstances change, you are always welcome to schedule a meeting with a Student Accessibility Specialist to review your accommodation eligibility. Students are responsible for forwarding accommodation letters to their instructors in a timely manner. 

*Please consider: The differences in the nature and delivery of accommodations in college can be quite different than high school.  Accommodation eligibility at CSB/SJU will be determined by one of our Student Accessibility Specialists. The fact that an accommodation was approved at previous high school (or other institutions of higher education) does not automatically guarantee it will be honored by our institution.