Help your child stay healthy for the remainder of the semester

As your son or daughter ventures into the second half of the semester, they may be experiencing higher levels of stress.  One impact of increased and increasing stress levels is a suppressed immune system, and a higher likelihood of contracting illnesses.  In addition to encouraging them to take care of themselves - eat, sleep, exercise, rest - please encourage them to seek health care when they are ill.  CSB students who are experiencing cold or flu symptoms are encouraged to visit CSB Health Services located in Lottie Hall.  SJU students are encouraged to use the Health Partners Central MN Clinic SJU campus located in the Quad, or one of the area health clinics.

Students can pick up a cold and flu kit available at the SJU Counseling & Health Promotion office in the SJU Personal & Professional Development Center, Mary Hall 10, or at the CSB Health Center in the lower level of Lottie Hall.  Another suggestion is to send your own homemade care package to your student with some helpful items such as multivitamins, Kleenex, cough drops, hand sanitizer, tea or soup.

On a related note, it is not too late to get the flu vaccine. The flu vaccination is the best protection against the flu. CSB Students can receive their flu vaccine at CSB Health Services.  SJU students can visit Health Partners Central MN Clinic SJU campus or contact other area health clinics.

Finally, as their workloads and stress levels build through the end of the semester, students may find that they need to address/improve their coping skills.  Stress Recess is an online resource for college students developed and maintained by the University of Texas.  This is a great tool for assisting students with assessing their stress and learning how to improve their stress management skills. Please consider reviewing and recommending this resource to your students. In addition, CSB/SJU offers confidential counseling services at no additional charge.