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MA Theology Students

Now more than ever, lay ministers need to be equipped with the theological foundations that will make it possible to effectively engage youth as they develop a relationship with Jesus Christ within a meaningful, sustained faith. Join youth ministers, directors of religious education, Catholic school teachers, and pastoral ministers as part of the YTM adult mentor cohort. Adult mentors complete a Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry in four years of part time graduate theological study that includes mentoring high school leadership youth. Special scholarships provided for those accepted into the program.


Scholarship Requirements

The YTM program is a unique form of graduate theological education that includes mentoring high school youth in discipleship and vocational discernment, helping them to become better leaders for Church and society. Mentoring includes the following responsibilities:

  1. Recruit 1-2 youth to attend the YTM Summer Institute each summer. 
  2. Occasionally connect with youth during the Summer Institute.
  3. Mentor youth in strategic planning and leadership skills through their service-justice project during the school year.
  4. Attend a yearly retreat with youth (usually held the first weekend of January). 

YTM Cohort Course Schedule  

Spring 2016

MORL 421: Fundamental Moral Theology (Dr. Kathy Lilla Cox)
Weekends (Friday 6:30-9:30 PM, Saturday 8AM-3PM)
January 22-23
February 19-20
March 11-12
April 8-9

PTHM 465:  Integration Seminar
January 15-16
Small groups - February and March
April 1-2
April 28-30 (Presentations)

Summer 2016

Classes will begin mid-May with pre-reading and web work.
Classes will meet on Campus June 13-24 -- two weeks.
M-F, 8:00-11:15 AM

THY 402 Introduction to Christian Tradition

DOCT 406 Christology

PTHM 459 Practicum - Theological Reflection (varied summer meeting times)

PTHM 452 Youth Ministry - WEB CLASS, no campus meetings

Fall 2016

SSNT 422: Pauline Letters (Fr. Michael Patella)
Weekends (Friday 6:30-9:30 PM, Saturday 8AM-3PM)
September 9-10
September 30-October 1
October 21-22
November 11-12



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Youth in Theology and Ministry Coordinator

Dr. Jeffrey Kaster
Director of Youth in Theology and Ministry 


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