First reactions to the 2013 New Roman Missal Survey of US Priests Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary / I am not at all surprised at the results of the survey conducted by the Godfrey
Michael Patella, OSB –Professor of Theology Full List of Publications Publications-Books  Word and Image: The Hermeneutics of The Saint John’s Bible, Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2013. Winner patella pdf.pdf
for all you have done to bring about this conversation. I also want to thank you for a very insightful and beneficial conversation over the past three years – okay -three days
Perspective,” part of a “Day of Reflection and Conversation on Marriage: Why has it Changed So Much lilla cox publications.pdf
African-American communities are part of the conversation. It is important because it has broadened the conversation and has made it possible for us to
1 2013 Survey of U.S. Priests on the New Roman Missal The Godfrey Diekmann, OSB Center for Patristics and Liturgical Studies, Collegeville, MN May 21, 2013 ALL COMMENTS Comments appear unedited center/unedited survey comments - 2013 survey of u.s. priests on the new roman missal.pdf
and lay ecclesial ministers to periodic conversations on authorization and certification using the members of the clergy in the conversation at several levels – diocesan, deanery, and individual – of
SUMMARY OF AUTHORIZATION DIALOGUE AND RECOMMENDATIONS A critical aspect of the National Symposium on Lay Ecclesial Ministry was the exploration of the authorization of lay ecclesial ministers
Chief Administrators of Catholic Education Conversations topic coverage on lay ecclesial ministry
and lay ministers. Theology of Vocation: Enhanced conversations and education should occur regarding and educational organizations9. • Importantly, these conversations, ideas, and practices should a